Fleet Maintenance

What does a ‘fleet management program’ mean to you? Surveys estimate that fewer than 6% of companies can accurately identify their fleet operating expenses. If you don’t know what your costs are, how can you manage them?

'Fleet management program' will mean different things to different customers. But no matter how you define it, Wajax is dedicated to providing advanced fleet maintenance and lowering your overall equipment costs.

We have various truck fleet maintenance programs that allow for more efficient management of all your equipment, and use the five-step process outlined below to create a fully customized individualized fleet management program for each customer:

Step 1: Survey

A complete study of your current fleet helps identify your equipment costs.

Step 2: Analyze

Utilization and maintenance history studies determine baseline truck fleet maintenance costs and projected service needs.

Step 3: Propose

Recommendations for equipment configuration and replacement, fleet maintenance and redeployment options are provided.

Step 4: Implement

A final action plan including schedules for advanced fleet maintenance and training, based on the product recommendations and a product supply strategy.

Step 5: Monitor

Each element of the plan is reassessed at regular intervals to ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition and that hours and usage are reflected appropriately in service schedules.

With branches across Canada, Wajax is unique in its ability to offer a truly national fleet management program for your company. We identify and lower your costs by offering regional or national parts and service programs as well as a customer web portal to access customized truck fleet maintenance reporting, promotions and single point invoicing online.

Contact your local branch or parts and service representative and Wajax will customize an advanced fleet maintenance program at an unmatched customer service level.