Battery Maintenance

PowerMAXX is Wajax’s in-house battery maintenance service. It is an industrial battery service that provides a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly inspection with complete analysis of your equipment’s  batteries and chargers. By providing detailed reports of your battery and charger equipment, and recommending any required actions, PowerMAXX improves the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your fleet.

PowerMAXX = Higher Productivity, Higher Profit

PowerMAXX battery maintenance service is ideal for customers who are not used to batteries lasting more than five years, if their batteries need water more than once a week, if they have high utility bills, or if their employees complain about battery odours.

Battery Condition Inspections

A Wajax service representative will measure and record cell voltages, specific gravity, electrolyte level, and inspect vent plugs, cables and connectors on each battery as well as the watering systems. The inspection is designed to keep battery repair costs to a minimum and maximize battery life and operation productivity.

Charger Efficiency Tests

Cable voltage drops, output currents and equalize modes are measured and recorded. All cables and connectors are inspected. The inspections assure that each charger is working at maximum efficiency, which saves electricity, cuts recharging time, increases battery efficiency, decreases battery watering and extends battery life.

Get Started Today

Simply put, the Wajax PowerMAXX battery maintenance service will maximize return on investment of all equipment batteries and chargers. For further information or details on any PowerMAXX industrial battery service including forklift battery maintenance or deep cycle battery maintenance, contact your local Wajax branch now.